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Reunion Island Destination

Volcanic island, the Reunion Island "intense island" is known for its hilly landscape, its majestic mountains, its taken circuses and its active volcano, the Hook of the Furnace and the offer to his visitors an interbreeding of traditions and feelings in its image.

Those who have already walked on its ground repeat it: we do not go on holiday in Reunion Island, we leave to its discovery. A " intense island " which did not usurp its nickname!
The administrative center Saint-Denis possesses an irresistible colonial charm. Besides the production of cane sugar, Reunion exports some rum and aromatic gasolines pulled by the geranium, by the vanilla, by the vetiver and by the ilang-ilang.
It is also a crossroads of several continents, the island will seduce you by the natural and warm welcome of a population rainbow and the mixture of a Creole cooking in the spicy flavors.

Situated in the Mascarene archipelago, this island is alive, surprising and constantly in movement. Under a sunny and warm climate, its population is used for a long time to cyclones and other whims of the nature.

Reunion Island hotels

Reunion island, volcanic island where golden sandy beaches compete with magnificent mountainous landscapes. Earth of interbreeding and contrast, the population native of 3 continents welcomes you...

Auto-tours circuits

Discover the Reunion Island in a original way off the beaten track by inspiring you circuits which we developed for you. The accommodation in bed and breakfast or in hotel will allow you to...

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Palm Hôtel & Spa 5*
Situated in Grande Anse LA Réunion, in overhang of an attractive white...
Réunion > Hôtels 5*
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Lux* Saint Gilles 5*
Nested in " Hermitage ", at the edge of one of the most beautiful beaches...
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Boucan Canot 4*
Ideally situated to saint Gilles les Bains, sea resort of the Commune...

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Réunion > Hôtels 4*
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Nested in a green setting on a tropical domain in the Ownership, Lodge...
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Situated on the west coast of the Reunion Island, in 300 m of Indian Ocean...
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In front of the beach of Trou d'Eau, Akoya Hôtel and Spa of...